VentureConnect - Retailers/Restaurants

ConnectVentures acts as an extension of a retailer or restaurant chain's team by providing a framework and discipline by which to innovate.

Retail/RestaurantConnect - Emerging Technology Companies

ConnectVentures works with the most disruptive emerging technology firms to provide access to key retail & restaurant organizations and offer strategic guidance to deliver the greatest industry value.

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What is VentureConnect?

Retailers & restaurants know that innovation is critical in today's fast-paced environment. However, innovation requires a different mind-set with ongoing education on how emerging technology is changing the industry.

BUT...who has the time or the resources to dedicate to building and executing on an innovation agenda? Connect Ventures is designed to be an extension of your team that helps to build that innovation mind-set that is:

  • Simple: In most cases, we come to you
  • Collaborative: Tools & community provided to create ongoing learning environment
  • Consistent: Ongoing reinforcement throughout the year that builds innovation 'muscle memory'
  • Efficient: More team members benefit with on-site & virtual sessions



In a sea of emerging technology platforms that target retail & restaurant, how do providers stand apart?  The team at Connect Ventures have amassed years of experience across many aspects of retail & restaurant; we understand the language of the industry. We can be one of your voices to drive innovation.

The Retail/RestaurantConnect offering is designed to deliver:

  • Strategic Advisory & Feedback around product offering, go-to-market strategy & enterprise retail mentality
  • Front-door access to retail & restaurant decision-makers
  • Exposure & Awareness to industry ecosystem of system integrators/VARs/publishers/networkers
  • Content Marketing  assets to leverage across multiple channels
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Does this sound cool? Looking for more?

Our model is designed to have a "white glove" approach which means  limiting participants in both the VentureConnect and Retail/RestaurantConnect offerings. For more information on how to get involved, click on the 'groovy' button to the right...